MC-G35 2100 Lumen CREE LED now available!  365nm Nichia NVSU233A U365 "World Standard" available on request!

Greg McGee Engineering is a Colorado owned and operated company.  Go Broncos!!!


If you're not buying from Greg McGee it's not authentic MTE!  In fact Greg McGee and Greg McGee Engineering own the MTE®
 trademark, which is why you don't see other people selling these products on ebay.  There is only one factory in China that makes the lights and one designer, Mr. Liu, and if you buy elsewhere you will buy a counterfeit light with an inferior design and materials, and probably a fake or substandard lot LED, which will not be covered by the 3 year MTE factory warranty.  I do not service lights bought from other sources as I only stock authentic MTE parts.
Welcome to Greg McGee Engineering!  Greg McGee Engineering is an integrated partner of MTE, the premier manufacturer of high quality high performance LED flashlights. 

Whether you're using your flashlight for tactical purposes or just using it to light your way during your camping trip, Greg McGee Engineering and MTE will ensure you have a powerful light source to show you the way and keep you safe in all weather and environmental conditions.  

To truly understand the impact of having a powerful MTE flashlight you need to experience it for yourself! The model shown is the powerful 1000 Lumen MTE MC-G33 XM-LIMITED.  All MTE flashlights sold by Greg McGee Engineering are quality tested and quality assured in the USA.  Greg McGee is a certified Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and most of all is an avid flashlight enthusiast who has dozens of personal flashlights with MTE at the top of his own collection!!! 

The image to the right is the new MC-G33 XM-LIMITED with the new CREE XM-L diode, putting out 1,000 insanely bright lumens!!!  It is submurged in one of Greg's saltwater fish tanks, while powered.  Although the M3-2 series are not "diving lights" they are waterproof.  The new MC-G33 XM-LIMITED has a fortified glass lens which really compliments the solid, single die XM-L diode, showing off its bright spot in the middle.  It also has an "anti-roll" tactical switch that keeps it from rolling on the rocks.  Because rolling on the rocks is only good when it's a beer...

The H8-3 is now available with the XLamp XHP70 diode with a whopping 4022 lumen output!!!


Greg McGee Engineering is also pleased to present the first intelligent HID lights with digital power remaining indicators in the battery!

Intelligent HID lights let you know how much power you have left so you know when to go grab a replacement battery!

Greg McGee Engineering
P.O. Box 33496
Northglenn, CO 80233


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