H8-5 5300 Lumen CREE XHP70.2 LED now available!  Also, 365nm Nichia NVSU233A U365 "World Standard" available on request!

Customer Feedback/Videos

Here are Links to customer videos, click on the pictures to go to videos/recommendations: 


             Surviving in Argentina (Blog by Fernando FERFAL Aguirre)


                    Senior Citizen Helper group in San Mateo:



   Dan, taking night photographs with a Greg McGee Engineering M3-2I:


Great photos by Ken using the HID and the 1,000 lumen M3-2I:

HID on High (50w):

HID on Low (38w):

HID on High (50w):

HID on High (50w):

M3-2I 1,000 lumen on high:

Some Great Videos From Ken:

Another great Ken video:

And another of the M3-2I 1,000 lumen with XM-L diode!

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